Epoxy Floors & Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings convert plain-jane concrete floors into a beautiful and durable surface able to withstand spills and stains. Once Winner’s Circle takes over your floors will be fully durable, easy to maintain, slip resistant, it will look impressive with it being economical. With Winner’s Circle Painting we will go the extra mile to make your floors everything you ever wanted.

If the floors do not have a sealer we would simply clean the surface and paint. But normally there will be an existing sealer applied so we will either acid etch or grind the floors. Most likely grinding is the best option. We will try and correct any surface imperfections in the concrete as directed by the customer. Then we will apply the epoxy paint normally two coats. There are many options such as flakes to added for a decorative finish. Then after application the customer will need to wait the necessary cure time before walking or driving on the surface. These cure times will depend on the product chosen for your particular application but usually range from 24-72 hours.

We also offer other floor coatings such as painting wood floors, acid staining concrete floors, sealing concrete and more! 


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